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Haggie North America Inc. is a supplier/manufacturer of high quality steel wire ropes for underground and surface mining applications. Estblished in 1921, Haggie SWR has been supplying steel wire rope to the worlds deepest mines for over 90 years. The factory is located in Johannesberg, readily supplying the African Mining sector, while also operating satellite distributorships based in Canada and Australia. 

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Company History

The Haggie® SWR operation is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of steel wire ropes for ultra deep level mine winding. The factory is located on a land area of 235,000m² at the Jupiter plant in Johannesburg, with a covered production area of 70,000m².

Since the establishment of the Jupiter Ropeworks in 1921, the expertise in designing and producing ropes used on winders has developed. As the South African gold mines became progressively deeper, so did the demand for wire ropes which needed to be both longer and stronger. 

The knowledge and craftsmanship gained in producing ropes for shaft sinking and winding operations has been extended to all of Haggie® SWR’s products, irrespective of the application.